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Selma Sea Kayaking

Explore the Archipelago Sea by Kayak - with a Guide
Experience or no experience
Multi day tours

What is Selma Sea Kayaking?

We operate guided multi-day sea kayaking tours on the Archipelago Sea in South-Western Finland.



We love the sea and we love kayaking

You and me, members of the human species, seem to be neither good nor evil. But it seems that we are equipped with a good will along with a slightly bad character. We believe that the human species must find balance, and live in balance, within itself and with the rest of nature. The sea teaches us balance and kayaking is an act of balance.



We take people out, one by one or in small groups

1) To let you first hand experience an amazing natural wonder of this planet, the Archipelago Sea.
2) To give you a time and a place to be able to detoxicate from a potentially incarcerating society and to re-establish a potentially lost contact with nature.
3) To provide an experience of strength, fragility and beauty that you will never forget.

Why Selma Sea Kayaking?

A. A pro guide brings you safety and teaches you skill.
B. We know the area, all the secret tent spots.
C. You focus on the experience, let us worry about transport, equipment and food.

Need more reason?

A short film about a kayaking tour.

The Archipelago Sea

Between the mainland of Finland and the Åland Islands lies the Archipelago Sea, a waterway maze of some 50.000 islands and skerries. These are the remnants of an ancient mountain ridge, the Fennoscandic shield, eroded through the Eon and finely sculpted by the late Ice Age. It is a globally unique area. The regional co-operation area of the local National Park covers five hundred squarekilometers and some 8.000 islands, of which approximately 2.000 are part of the park itself. Ninety percent of the National Parks area is covered by the sea, which makes it ideal for exploration by sea kayak. 

Our pre planned packages are five nights and six days itineraries, including island hopping by kayak, exploring islands by foot, doing one or more day trips with kayaks, resting, relaxing and bathing in the sea, in the sun (and maybe sauna, if we are lucky). You will see wildlife, including swans, eiders, white-tailed eagles and seals. If you are lucky you might spot large mammals like deer and elk. You will also learn about the fascinating natural and cultural history of the area and about the local ecology and the environmental challenges the area faces now.

Upon request we also provide tours fitted to your personal wishes and interests.  Then you are more in charge of what we deliver. It means it's your goals and your responsibility, along with one of our guides who will accompany you with the local knowledge, and aid you in matters of safety, food and shelter, to the extent you wish.


Kayaking equipment

Quality gear

We provide a sea kayak, spray deck, pfd and paddle.
- Between the 15th of September and the 15th of May use of dry suit is mandatory.
- Bring your own or borrow one from us.


Camping equipment

Comfy pads, sleeping bags and tents

Our camping equipment includes tent, sleeping bag and matress. You may bring your own if you wish.
- You will need sunglasses, sun screen, dry bags (availavle to be borrowed), suitable clothing etc.
- You will recieve a complete list of what to pack upon booking confirmation.


Food & meals

Tasty, healthy and enviromentally friendly

We typically eat meals based on low impact locally produced organic food, with very little animal protein.
-We serve three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
-If you have a different taste or diet, you may want to opt for bringing and cooking your own food.

Selma Sea Kayaking